Let's Call This A

Drive down Memory Lane

airwaves: when you were young x the NOISEttes

hello all,
i feel like i've been gone such a LONG time
but i have missed you all terribly in my absence:)

Life's roads are a constant twist and turn and you have to be ready to keep up with the traffic, or you'll found yourself in a ditch somewhere.

it's been SUCH a long journey finding myself and figuring out who i am, and im 90% sure that it's nowhere near over but, God im so grateful i get to share with you guys:)

A LOT has happened in the past few months, and a lot of things didn't happen. i DID get to go to the No Doubt concert with my friends and had an AMAZING time (hey dwayne and ish!) but i DIDNT get to do something that was supposed to be very important to me. something that was supposed to be Life Changing. and i've got nobody to blame but myself!

I let my window of opportunity to go to Haiti slip by, and tried to tell myself i wasnt ready. who knows, maybe i wasnt, maybe i was, but after all the hard work i did, my hopes and dreams for, none of it came to fruition out of my OWN laziness, and lack of vision.


(that means its not over)


things have changed.

Since the MAJOR earth quake hit Haiti a few days ago it's all i can think about. it NEVER leaves my mind. it's the only thing i want. to be there. with the people. helping them however i can. so ive made the decision to do just that. After praying about it, i KNOW its the right decision and im SO thankful God is giving me a second chance!!!!

So hopefully, ill be able to post while im down there (im looking to go in April and stay for a few months) so that you guys can see for yourselves the need that is there!

Dont worry about me, the man upstairs has got it under control. Besides, this was the ORIGINAL vision for Ride Sally Ride. A travel blog, and of course the really awesome people i meet along the way:)

i just wanna encourage you youngins' (and oldins!) to LONG LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

life is short.

you only get one.

i hope youre not just existing:)

love you all. talk to you SOON (for the OFFICIAL relaunch!)




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