this will make the

best adventure yet..

im sorry i havent been updating, i havent forgotten, or lost interest, it just SUCKS when you lose something thats VITAL to everyday life..i.e. your memory stick for your camera, and my poor Nikon can only hold 10 pics without one...im sure that doesnt seem too bad but the photographer in me is going crazy waiting for PAY DAY LOL. however im gearing up for haiti, i.e. fasting, praying, grwoing, etc. so just because you dont see something on here for a while does not mean i have abandoned the project, RSR is turning out to be something bigger than me...and when its gets to that point..ill be...UNSTOPPABLE [insert evil laugh here] but i love you all lambs, and i shall keep you on the update side!

ciao, sal

p.s. if youd like to keep up with my slightly personal life, you can follow me on twitter, my name is Mustangfoxy (mustang sally was already taken:)

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