Its Criss

without the Cross.

airwaves: relax yourself - criss ruler & jay greedy
"girls write the word 'pimp' on my visitors tag.."
(sampled from my faaavorite tribe song of all time)

most people dont know that i have a love/hate relationship with hip-hop. when i was younger thats all i would listen to; tribe, slick rick, the furious five, afrika bambaataa...all i needed were my ehadphones and my ipod and i was in a different timezone...now its totally different, all the hip hop on my ipod is late 80s early 90s, the rest is electro pop, 90S RnB, worldly stuff, gospel, and otis redding. But even though i feel like rap music is just TRASH right now, i have hope for the future. Im really on this underground mixtapes, randrom rappers who hop on people's songs, and just random stuff i steal off of my friends' ipods. There's so much happening on this new music scene and even though i dont necessarily want to be a part of it, i DO want to know what's going on and if there's anything worth listening to and doggoneit. i think i found it in Chicago. luckillly, i have friends over there so that can keep me udpated on the underground, so last fall i recently became addicted to the entire chicago culture, the music, the clothes, the people..the list goes on, and like yesterday when i featured Jay Greedy, today im featuring another one of my favorite rappers from the city of wind. CRISS RULER. Criss and Greedy hopped on the Electric Relaxation track from tribe and the result was magic, its currently on repeat on my ipod and when you hear it, itll probably be on yours. I pulled Criss to do a cab confessional and this was the outcome, you have to love people's responses, tehy can be incredibly witty, so he took a break from talkign in riddles(as the chicagoans seem to do) and gave me upfront answers, and darnit..i appreciate it. so one last shout out to the Chicago music scene today, but be sure to check out Zip's mysapce riiight HERE. i cant wait to hear whats next.


They call me...Zip, then they'll turn around and call me criss,ruller

I like (doing, making, being)..
I like doing anything thats a step towards a better furture
I like making anything musically, graphically, and noise

I like being a role model and short

My favorite t-shirt is...
a yellow shamak t-shirt

The shoes I'll never throw away are...
the 23 pair that are rotting in my closet as we speak

I'd kill for...
a an experienced killer

The song that makes me drive wreckless is...
i dont drive
(me neither)

If I were a tv show, I would be...
for the love of ZIP
(is that like..for the love of Ray-J?)

Last time I went to the movies I saw
...uhhh...d--n, i think it was...7 lbs

If i saw senaa lathan, i would probably cry on sight

My first cell phone was a...
virgin mobile prepaid

If could've chosen my name it probably would have been....

I laughed so hard at.....that I peed my pants

My first love was...a girl...

I used to have ......kanye west posters on my wall

The first time I kissed a girl I was....
in her bathroom and her mother didnt know

I'm terrified of.... because....
failure, just because its failing!

I really miss.....
good hip hop
dont we all:(

A perfect dinner would be....
the one you didnt get fat from the calories and its already paid for

If Prince and Michael Jackson had a sing off....would win
Michael jackson would win, DUHH

Today I wore......
another grey sweater, van mountain editions, fitted cap and jeans

loud basslines and raspy snares ......remind me of summer

I'd rather have been born....
in a country with universal health care

Nas.....is my hero because...he had a song called hero

My favorite scent is.....
peanut butter and jelly

Fancy bread, is it in the heart or in the head?
fancy bread is definitely in the head, cuz u can see it

If I gave a hood shoutout it would be to....
to all the ni--as who feel like gucci mane is the greatest rapper alive

To the future I say.....

To the past I said.....
come BACK!

To the masses I say.....
lay off the hating

To myself I say....
you dat ni--a

i know THEE coolest folks.
out, sally

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