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airwaves: peter, bjorn, and john - let's call it off
"Did you agree? we should let it be..its a must...lets call the whole thing off."
(i heard this song when i was working at banana republic two years ago and became obsessed with it..i kept putting it on repeat in the store until my boss threatened to fire me ha:)

so i have found another reason to HATE tuesdays. ITS SNOWING...dont get me wrong, i love snow, but not in April, so theres about 3 inches on the ground and im not happy(even though God is having a good laugh at all of us and our punk hopes and dreams right now) but there IS a silver lining...how so? James King aka Jay Greedy is on the blog today:) He's number 2 of Five of My Favorite Guys week. Jay is a rapper from the city of wind, the place where they stand outside in line for yeezy's, enjoy taste of chicago every summer, and of course, talk in riddles. Jay was featured in URB Magazine's Next 1000 and is also apart of the Sweatshop Music Group, making moves in Chicago and all over the country. To find out more about him make sure to check out his myspace page to hear some of the awesome music that he puts out and to download his new song "I'm Sorry" ft. Lennon right HERE and also his Myspace Music page HERE...oh yeah..check out his cab confessional t00:)

They call me...
Jay Greedy

I like...
doing homework and making hydrophillic babies and being a lame

My favorite t-shirt is
angry heroes

The shoes I'll never throw away are...
my yellow sb's with mustard stains on em.

I'd kill for...
mustang sally
(aww how sweet)

The song that makes me drive wreckless is...
digital love

If I were a tv show, I would be...

Last time I went to the movies I saw...
(that was a long time ago man)

If I saw... I would probably...
lindseylohan...drop my pants...

My first cell phone was an...

If could've chosen my name it probably would have been...
johnny tsunami

I laughed so hard at... that I peed my pants.
criss ruler's joke...

My first love was...
Darrien Dunham

I used to have...
my X'X's posters on my wall

The first time I kissed a girl I was....
(i guess we're still waiting for you to do that?)

I'm terrified of.. sex because.. it can kill u

I really miss dorothy from snow white...hold on? snow white?..or umm...oh yeah the wizard of oz.

A perfect dinner would be... fufu and jaloff rice.

If Prince and Michael Jackson had a sing off ...MJ would win.

Today I wore...
blackpants greedy genius T and leaders cap.

Fruits reminds me of summer.

I'd rather have been born...
in the UK.

Jesus... is my hero because... he saves from a life of sin.

My favorite scent is...
my nigerian accent.

Fancy bread, is it in the heart or in the head?
(trick question)

If I gave a hood shoutout it would be to...
all my east nigerians and all my hipsters and hood ni--az everywhere!

To the future I say

To the past I say

To the masses I say

To myself I say
get better musically.

and there you haves it.
ciao, sal

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