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"walk like an egyptiaannn.....walk like an egyptiannn.."
(this also gets me in the mood for thrifting)

Jaron is my favorite person to go thrifting with, so i recently sat down to dinner with him to figure out some tips for having success at the thrift store to share them with you all since a few of you have asked me about it, so we gave you some do's and donts, what to look for, to avoid, etc...

Things You Need

go with an ample amount of it, the thrift store is not something that can be done in a matter of minutes, make sure you have atleast an hour to browse.

even though things are usually dirt cheap, money is a good thing to have in case of a really good fine, or if you just find a lot of good stuff which is not unheard of. on the bright side, twenty dollars goes a looooooong way.

an open mind
just because someone else wore it, doesnt mean that youre cheap. Lots of people shop at thrift and vintage stores, its not just for the "poor", contrary to popular belief. Secondly be open to new things, its easier to buy something you wouldnt normally wear when its 2.00 dollars compared to 20.

hand sanitizer - i feel like thats self explanatory.

Things to do
go with someone trustworthy whose opinion you value
not someone who will criticize your choices because of their own personal taste and will tell you when something is whimsical, or if it's worthless.

go on days when you can get a deal
you can save even more money at the thrift store than you thought, they have days when you can get great deals, i.e. 50 cent mondays, miscellaneous wednesdays, and their 50% of sale days when everthing in the store is 50% off, theres always something!

be creative
just because something is too long or slightly too big doesnt mean its not worth being altered, many a great dress has been left behind due to people not willing to be creative, not having a vvision, or not willing to spend the money to have things altered

be conscientous of your size
Be aware of your size and how your body fits certain things, often times vintage clothing sizes are different from current sizes, so if youre able to try things on, do so, thrifting is mainly trial and error so try until you get to the point when you can simply look at a garment and know if its going to fit you or not.

have a plan
we (jaron and i) often find out what we're both looking for to add to our wardrobes, this somewhat slices down on time spent simply meandering down the aisles, you also wont be overwhelmed with the size of the store itself

Things not to do

get discouraged
the trift store can be super overwhelming and HAS been known to cause anxiety attacks LOL, but its really nothing to be taken too seriously

buy undergarments
i.e. underwear,bras,bathing suits..etc. that is STRICTLY off limits.

Things to do

Make an effort to donate your old clothes that you dont wear anymore or things you bought that didnt fit, not only will you be playing a role in bettering someone else, youll be bettering yourself as well!

well guys, we hope these tips help you and your journey, send me pictures and any tips you think might be helpful. This begins spring fling week, i hope you enjoy whats in store!

ciao, sal

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