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i just wanted to give you guys a taste of what's in store for the week, so i decided to do my own version of what my 6 friends will be doing for the rest of the week.

you WILL be seeing me...
..in dresses. long, short, tight, loose, flowy, urban, classic, vintage, you name it, i got it.
..in lighter cardigans. Cotton, light-weight wools, etc..
..in bold colors, especially greens, blues, and violets. Pastels will always be the color theme for spring so im mixing it up this year and doing a non-traditional, subtle-summer palette
..in shorts, contrary to popular belief, i LOVE shorts. knee length and other-wise. Especially homemade cutoffs, there a staple for me ALWAYS.
..in striped shirts. i love nautical themes so thats definitely something im going for this spring, lets call it..Urban Connecticut Nautical.
..in vans, lace ups and slip ons, my traditional sneaker of choice for all seasons
..wearing vintage necklaces, bracelets, and rings from my mommys jewelry box
..with wayfarer sunglasses, never leave home without them
..in men's dress shoes...especially wallabees

What you WON'T see me in
..pants. Everything else is pretty much fair game

If you need me, i'll BE..
..at arlington church of God...eryday of the week
..in random movie theatres catching up on indy flicks
..inthrift stores across america
..in groceries stores that sell horizon milky pops
..at the civic downtown, gettin my culture on
..at ej thomas, ALSO getting my culture on
..at akron metroparks..getting a false taste of nature
..on talbot avenue...sleeping, macking, and hangin

100% of the time I WON'Tbe..
..at the mall...for what?
..in sketchy back-allies, for obvious reasons
..in prison, also for obvious reasons
..at hood house parties...yet again..obvious.

And if you see me with headphones on, don't interrupt, I'm probably listening to..
Blondie - Greatest Hits
No Doubt - Rock Steady
The White Stripes - White Blood Cells Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation
M.I.A. - Piracy Funds Terrorism

I hope this gives you all a little insight on what my spring will be like and hopefully inspires you to come up with your own theme, be up on your game because you know I sneak around corners with my camera...

So watch out..;)

Ciao, Sal.

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