Ebony and


airwaves: cudi get - kid cudi

"say wah wah wahhh wah wah wahhhh"

(heck yes cudi, get your cleveland city on)

heyyyy its THURSDAY!!!! woo! as bad as thursdays really are, they atleast mean im only two days away from the WEEKEND. and this weekend im taking a minor break from Long, Tall Sally, to have some regular adventures with friends and family..and by regular i mean undocumented lol. i cant put EVERYTHING on here now..

but lemme get to what we're really here. today's feature is on my love, the young Ebony Aalayah, Me and Ebony could really be sisters in a parallel universe, we've had similar experiences and everything, right down to moving to atlanta and hating it. Lol but anyway, enjoy her feature and what she has say, you might notice a trend in everybody's current love of michael kors spring line, I haven't seen it so I'm obviously missing something..hmm..I'm going 2 investigate...but if she ever decides to update it, check out Eb's blog, tasteetreatz.blogspot.com lol. Happy thursday!!

Ciao, Sal.

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