Back in the day when i

Was young I'm not a kid anymore.

airwaves: love bomb - n*e*r*d*

"dont need another love song we need a love bomb...to just blow us a way"

(that space in "a way" is totally intentional....why everytime i hear this album its like listening 2 it for the first time...im still in love with it)

remember when fashion was FUN? i really miss those days, i was combing through my files on my computer when i came across these pictures from the first fashion show i ever worked back in my freshman year of college. it was so EXHILARATING to be a part of something that not a lot of people got to do. it made me find my niche in life and also allowed me to see what i thought i wanted to do forever. this is clearly not the case anymore but im so glad i was there. i would never want to go back and do it again..im satisfied with having done it the first time.

little red..in the big city..

i got to be a part of the hospitality bit and met Bre from cycle..like 3 or 4

of ANTM, she was really sweet and gave me an autograph
she's definitely the first celebrity i ever met, ill never forget that

i still heart you Bre, even if you were stupid drunk that night! lol

a young me, courtney and simone...look at those faces


p.s. that was my natural hair color at the time,
i miss it, im thinking of just letting this mess grow out..

the infamous mychael knight....nooo comment.

i still really love this picture of frederick, cam and i.

we look silly young but, i would have never taken back this moment for a second

*sigh* memories...

ciao, sal.

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