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The complex things in life.

airwaves: glamorous life -sheila e.

"She don't need..a mans touch"

Every now and then I surf the internet outside of facebook(its a big world when you're off facecrack), and I came across a group myspace.com page that consisted of about 6 or 7 people(I lost interest after the first few lines so I can't tell you much). What I saw was a group of people who at one point in time, considered me an outsider and strange in my sense of style, now doing exactly what I was doing...years ago. I must admit, I'm quite frustrated with the local clothing scene and the cycle of poor taste that its having on today's youth. I'm annoyed with the attempted "punk-rock" outfits, the late attempts of learning skateboarding, skintight jeans on boys, Chuck Taylors, leggings, fishnet stockings, MATCHING YOUR BAG AND YOUR SHOES...there's just so...SO much more to fashion than that, I can't believe these people are just starting what i finished YEARS ago. I understand finding your own niche, your own voice, and your own sense of things, but people...where's the individuality? Where have all the originals gone? All I see is masses of posers and copycat dressers. I need something new..something fresh..something innovative...

Guess ill just have to do it myself...stay tuned.

ciao, sal.

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