i cant believe how obsessed

i am with The City.

airwaves:top of the world - the pussycat dolls(The City theme)

"give me those bright lights..."

Soooooo..im not much of a tv watcher, but ever since i started watching this show on mtv, ive become addicted. ive never seen an episode of the hills, laguna beach, tool academy, etc. But The City is one show i cant get enough of. I couldnt get into Sex and the City because it was too raunchy for my taste, nor did i like reality tv because it wasnt reality at all, but after seeing this show with one of the homies (shout out to imani) via mtv.com, I CANT STOP. i loooove whitney, allie, and erin. have an unhealthy crush on jay, would have an affair with adam, and would literally kill olivia...and then bring her back to life to be my bff. Before i get to the rest of the cast, let me talk about my love/hate relationship with Olivia. One. the girl is the EPITOME of the b word, but she reminds me so much of my mother with her posh and slightly demeaning view of others that i cant help but admire her. shes a real life regina george. she brings sooooo much LIFE to the show and i would commit heinous crimes to have her closet. Erin (in all her sweetness) reminds me of a few of my female friends which is probably why i enjoy her presence, and allie is kindve the girl who you only hang out with if youre having a bad day..looking at her makes me feel better about myself, sorry! but whitney. dear sweet lovable whitney. you make the show worth while, youre always so nonplussed and your innocence of a small time girl in a big time city just makes your character so good to watch. but i feel like all of the negative energy between you and olivia really keep the storylines going and im sooo grateful for that. theres nothing about this show that id change, unless i got to see more time at the offica and behind the scenes of DVF...but other than that.

thank you mtv for sucking me in along with the rest of the fashionistas and uptown hipsters that are brainwashed by this show. god bless you! The City comes on mondays on mtv @ 10 pm. followed by my other addiction..daddy's girls...but thats another post..

ciao, sal.

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