here's the mail

it never fails. (memba dat? bluues cluues)

airwaves: heart of glass - blondie
"once i had love, and it was a gas..soon turned..to be a pain in the a--."
(so so true)

here's a few shots of my cousin durrell and his EXCELLENT (ralph lauren) messenger bag that i would steal in a second! i love durrell's relaxed layered look and of course his ever-present sidekick. That's why he's the Local of the Week.

why yes, that IS a box of girl scout cookies (what a glut!)
ciao, sal.


  1. The RL bag is so classic! I have a Calvin Klein one that's almost the same color palette.

    One word of advice though. Get rid of that Sidekick and upgrade to a BlackBerry.

  2. durrell yes! gonna go ahead & agree with the person above upgrade to the BLACKBERRY...you too SALLY.

  3. Carmelita25/2/09 19:27

    :) oh durrell...


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